Сasino of Macedonia

The small Macedonian people were five hundred years old in the Ottoman Empire. Liberation came only at the beginning of the twentieth century, and for the first time the Macedonians for the first time experienced their statehood. A difficult history taught people to value their national identity.

The Macedonians refuse to consider themselves to be some kind of abstract Slavic people without a name and a whim Our local friend proudly showed a photograph of his son, a very pohosh horse. Judging by the picture, Tsar Alexander was a spitting “little Lenin”: the same little white and curly. Indeed, the chubby, fair-haired, and dark-eyed Macedonians are pretty much stylish. I watched with interest the «Macedonian Prashans» dedicated to the heroes of the fight against the Turks. Duch Another «Prashana» followed.

I looked at him. The third Prashana began, and I decided that it was time to watch the city. I went towards the center along the wide streets through blocks with characteristic Soviet buildings. A large number of medical centers and casinos caught my eye. Medical centers are very good. What can not be said about the casino. I wonder how is crime here? I began to meticulously examine the passers-by, but none of them looked like a criminal and I osso I got to the central square of Macedonia.