How to make money on stocks and securities

Sooner or later, every investor, ready to invest savings and savings, wonders how to make money on stocks. Even if you did not try to make money in the stock market, you probably heard from your elders in the family that they had or have some kind of stock.
Indeed, right after the perestroika, some citizens acquired securities: stocks, bonds, privatization checks of banks, factories, new corporations, etc. As a rule, then still completely Soviet people had no thoughts on how to make money on stocks — they said to buy, so they bought. Yes, actually up to now, many of these shares are in drawers, and their owners often do not even suspect that these papers are worth something. Of course, this is a completely wrong and even harmful model of behavior.

Stocks are an interesting, effective and affordable stock market instrument for almost everyone. Moreover, they are doubly interesting for private investors: on the one hand, with the help of a broker you can operate in shares and receive income from the sale, on the other hand, dividends are accrued on the shares, which can sometimes be more profitable than a bank deposit.